Wood floor Installers

Wood floor reinstallation of all types of wood floors, laminate, engineered, solid hardwood,  floating,  glued down,  nail down.


3/4 solid hardwood is a timeless type of wood flooring that will last 100 years and can be refinished 6 to 7 times during its life. With care and proper maintenance you can rest assure knowing that your wood floors we’ll look the same today and 10 years from now. Hardwood Creations specializes in species matching of Oaks Pines Maples walnuts cherries heart Pine and many more.  all those solid Hardwoods require a minimum of 3/4 inch type of wood subfloor to be nailed down  like 1×4 screeds or 3/4 inch plywood.

Engineered Wood Floors

Hardwood Creations specializes in glue down engineered wood flooring different species different manufacturers different widths we can glue down any engineered floor or nail down engineered floor. With Brands like L&M, Bruce comma Southern traditions, Castle Combe, man eaten, bausen flooring, Armstrong Flooring, bamboo Hardwoods, and many more we provide a full range of all name brand products sales and installations with a one year labor warranty on all our wood floor installations


Laminate Wood Flooring

Hardwood Creations can install any type of laminate floating floor with Brands like Quick-Step, Bruce, Columbia, Armstrong, Mannington,


Sub floor Correction 

one of the things you want to make sure before installing a hardwood floor engineered floor or laminate wood floor is the subfloor is it flat is does it have humps or sloped? We specialize when using the proper underlayment to make sure your subfloor is within a certain tolerance that is acceptable to NWFA standards.

Moisture Issues

no one likes paying for extras in things you can’t see like moisture barriers or adhesives that have moisture barrier properties in them but it’s the first thing you want to take into account when considering a wood floor installation. Hardwood Creations has the know-how to check each home for moisture penetration percentages, to know which adhesive to use and which moisture barriers not to.   it’s not always needed and can be costly if  your home does not reequire it.

Whether your wood that you purchase or wood that we provide,  we will install it


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